What We Do

Our mission statement reflects our charge to preserve the low profile, single-family character of the Woodlands. To that end, we participate in Design Review and Planning Commission hearings with the goal of ensuring quality and, crucially, compatible development that preserves the property values in the Woodlands.

We represent the Woodlands in numerous community meetings called by the City’s Planning Department and provided significant input when single-family residential standards were reviewed and revised. We were instrumental in the now required placement of story poles on second story development, which provides neighbors a sense of the width, depth, setbacks, etc. of new development in their neighborhood.

We monitor the city’s crime statistics as they pertain to our area and provide data and a street-specific breakdown in our newsletters at least twice annually. Meetings have been arranged with the police officers who patrol our area to inform and educate our membership on how to better protect themselves and their property. We also notify our membership via eblasts as the situation warrants.

Our homeowners association sponsors effective and successful social events where neighbors renew old acquaintances and sometimes meet each other for the first time. Participation increases with each passing year at events such as our annual wine social and annual membership meeting — we’ve even hosted an evening at the planetarium at Glendale Community College.